Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)


7 Jun 2021

Frequently, we heard of Building and Construction Authority (BCA) but what is the relationship of Building and Construction Authority (BCA) with your home renovation, especially comes to hacking works or erecting renovation works in your house? Indeed, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) play a very major part in the renovation, it takes care of shaping a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly environment in Singapore ((BCA), 2020). Likewise, a situation that when you want to check if the scope of your renovation works is conducting in a legal manner, you may go into the Building and Construction and Authority (BCA) website to clarify, there are details for every part of renovation works that answer the “yes” and “no” for your question.

Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is one of the main government body in construction that guide the correct methods in construction, besides, Building and Construction and Authority (BCA) also provide education for renovators in most of the renovation construction works in your house such as painting, aluminum windows, timber flooring, granite, carpentry, electrical and more ((BCA), 2017). Furthermore, BCA is also giving courses and certification for learning building and construction education that certified renovators to be well acknowledged upon the handling of renovation materials.

Therefore, Ministry of Renovation (MOR) will try to provide updated news from Building and Construction and Authority (BCA) in the MOR portal. Homeowners will only need to come to one place to find out everything related to renovation within clicks.






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