Government Agency Rules and Regulation


4 June 2021

Follow the law… Without a second thought, everyone knows that in Singapore the rules and regulations are very strict, it can change anytime when something major happens to whatever related industries. Especially for renovation trades when it is always the top few highest complaint rate in Singapore. Concurrently, with the regular basis of research and development by the government agency, the authority will keep developing improvements for the method to use and material that uses in building and construction, not forgetting renovation.

For instant, on 1st April 2018 that enforce tightening the rules of the public utilities board (PUB) in water permits submission (PUB, 2018) and even checking through by the manpower of work permit holder on workers (Manpower, 2021), ensuring the worker with a valid working permit to work in Singapore as some of the renovation workers only comes into Singapore with a visitor pass which does not have a valid permit to work (Manpower, 2021).

Moving forward, not everyone is able to keep up with the new rules and regulations set by the government unless you are an insider in renovation trades or running a renovation or contractor company in Singapore. As a result, homeowners will be surprised when come to know about additional money that needs to top-up due to the change of material to be used in renovation material or additional permit that require to submit to the government agency (PUB, 2018) in Singapore.

Ministry of Renovation (MOR) will therefore update every homeowner for the news and events release by the government agency every quarterly. For example, government agency like Housing Development Board (HDB) target which year to develops which estate to build new “Built-to-order” (BTO) housing in Singapore or new financing grant for the new couple that stays near parents upon buying new Built-to-order (BTO) flats or resales flats.







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