Housing Development Board (HDB) in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)


5 June 2021

Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are a primary necessity needs for most Singaporean. Generally, most Singaporeans will buy Housing Development Board (HDB) flats which can be either Built-to-order (BTO) or resales flat. However, how much do we know about the rules and regulations from HDB when the renovation is conducted? On 1 June 2015, Housing Development Board (HDB) enforce the entire Singapore to use “pre-packed cement” for the renovation of tiling work causing a “bang” for the cost for homeowners ((HDB), 2015) as using traditional sand to mix for tiling works has been void.

Indeed, renovation cost has already caused a big pain to most homeowners and now homeowners will need to increase their cost for the renovation materials which generates another level of stress. Additionally, this also causes the contractors’ or renovators’ labor cost to increase as the step of mixing cement will be different that requires slightly different methods. Not to mention about many more rules and regulations coming along the way that Housing Development Board (HDB) implemented till today that relates to home loan grant, central provident fund board (CPF), and so on.

Simultaneously, Ministry of Renovation (MOR) will try to reach as much information release by Housing Development Board (HDB) for the updated news and upload it into the website. With regular research and updates by MOR, homeowners are able to check out the latest information not just from HDB but also in all different government agency just one renovation portal. Getting awareness of what the government is planning for renovation and many more.






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