Singapore Land Authority (SLA) in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)


6 Jun 2021

Have you owned a property land in Singapore? Rarely, we will come across Singapore Land Authority (SLA), this only happens when you want to purchase or rent land from Singapore for either building your house property or building for commercial such as office tower, industrial estate, or even shopping mall ((SLA), 2020). Therefore, some people may find that there is no relationship between Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to renovation trades, but this can be subjective depending on which position you are coming from.

Ministry of Renovation (MOR) will be updating the news of Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to the community, for instance, states land for lease or rent, or landed properties to lease or rent in MOR news portal. Nevertheless, big construction organizations or companies, renovation companies, or even investors are likely to be interested in this news in Singapore Land Authority (SLA), not forgetting properties owner in Singapore. Yes, more or less, Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will still have a little bit of relationship with renovation.

Maybe, tendering project cases for the entire building for commercial or condo can be attractive to the renovators. Hence, it can even have projects like residential landed properties or even revamping of an existing building that will draw the attention of most renovators. To conclude, alerting the community and interested renovators about the tendering event going on in the renovation market.






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