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2 June 2021

Free gift from Renovation Company, end of the year renovation fair and much more lucky draw will attract your interest towards Renovation event to gain more benefits from it. Especially when you’re collecting your keys for your new flat or condo soon. Therefore, Ministry of Renovation (MOR) created a portion called “newsletter” on MOR website. This will update the community on the latest news and event of what is happening in the entire Singapore renovation contractor trades every quarterly. Additionally, updating the latest rules and regulations from Singapore government agency of any news related to housing, Renovation Company and also the community.

In MOR news, we mainly focus on news from the government agency that can be from Housing and Development Board (HDB), Singapore Land Authority (SLA), Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore Power Services (SP) and more. Other relevant news related to renovation can be like opening of new contractors company or Renovation Company, new product or services launches and more. Not forgetting news related to the community such as recruitment in renovation trades.

Next, in MOR event, MOR will mainly tackle the event that has happened or going to happen. MOR will update the event related to renovation trades in Singapore such as the Singapore Expo renovation fair, renovation roadshow, key collection from HDB or any private sector, and many more. Similarly, sharing topics about debate points from the community or company about a topic relating to renovation trades in Singapore.

Ministry of Renovation will stay close with the latest renovation market trend in Singapore, stay alert in MOR news and events to receive the latest news and event updates that are happening in Singapore renovation trades.