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Check Out LATEST REWARDS and Celebrate the JOY of Receiving CASH Rewards and Vouchers !



REDEEM Up to $50 NTUC Voucher (*with every $2,500 when you Renovate).



How does this works?

  1. Register a "Homeowner account" in the Ministry of Renovation (MOR) website portal (www.mor.sg)
  2. Click on the "Redeem Now" Button on this screen to reach us once you've completed the following instruction (points 4 &5).
  3. Alternatively, you can also WhatsApp; "EARNSIGN" to "9092 0775".
  4. Click on the "Get FREE Quote" button and "Submit" enquiry for your renovation works.
  5. "Engage" with the sub-contractor that you submit through the MOR renovation portal.
  6. Keep your (Original) invoice and Take a photo of the completed work.
  7. Done!

Log on to: www.mor.sg


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Homeowners MUST have an account in MOR website (www.mor.sg) in order to receive the Rewards.
  2. This promotion is strictly not allowed to combine with other promotions.
  3. With every $2,501 spent, a registered MOR homeowner is entitled to redeem a $10 NTUC Voucher and up to a maximum of $50 per job site address.
    • $0 - $2,500 = $0
    • $2,501 - $5,000 = $10 NTUC Voucher
    • $5,001 - $7,500 = $20 NTUC Voucher
    • $7,501 - $10,000 = $30 NTUC Voucher
    • $10,501 - $12,500 = $40 NTUC Voucher
    • $12,501 - $15,000 = $50 NTUC Voucher (Max per Address)
  4. Only Homeowners that hold ownership of the flat are allowed to participate in this campaign.
  5. Homeowner Must submit through MOR online portal to engage with our listed renovation contractors. Any engagement (outside) not submitted within the MOR portal will be disqualified and not be entitled to this campaign.
    • E.g. ABC Contractor was engaged "without" going through MOR's "Get Free Quote" Section, even though ABC Contractor can be found on MOR's Website. The invoice will be "REJECTED".
  6. All invoices MUST BE from individual sub-contractors that are listed in the MOR renovation portal. A situation like engaging a main contractor company or Interior Design Company will NOT be entitled. A max of 2 renovation jobs is allowed in a single invoice from the same company. E.g. 1 service job (Painting) =  1 invoice (Approve), 2 service jobs (Painting + Carpentry) = 1 invoice (Approve), 3 Service jobs (Painting + Carpentry + Tiling) = 1 invoice (reject).
  7. Homeowner can add up all the invoices. The first invoice date received till the last invoice date receieved must be within 2 months of the renovation period under the same renovation address. No combination of different job site addresses is allowed.
  8. All original invoices collected after completion of work done by the renovation contractors will need to be scanned in pdf file format or take a clear photo of the invoice and submit it to the MOR officer for verification purposes. We will also be contacting your renovation contractor to verify your renovation details, as well as to verify the submission details through the MOR renovation portal.
  9. Please kindly take photos and upload the newly renovated images of your house (wherever that is renovated and reflected in your submitted invoice) in the actual site (NOT 3D Drawings) of: the kitchen and /or, Living and/or, Bedroom and/or, Bathroom and/or. Dining and/or, Any. For unclear images, MOR officer may request to visit your job site to retake site photos. (Participate homeowner allows MOR to have the rights to use these images for marketing purposes.)
  10. This campaign does not comply if the Homeowner renovates with MOR "Book A Designer", or with any MOR Designer.
  11. In the event of any cheating or fraud, all the invoices submitted will be void and strictly no rewards shall be issued based on this job site address.
  12. Participate homeowners will need to self-collect the voucher personally. If the homeowner needs courier services, the homeowner will need to bear the delivery services by themselves.
  13. If the Voucher is not claimed within 3 months of the date of "Successful", the voucher will be void automatically.
  14. Ministry of Renovation reserves the right to change or amend the above terms & conditions without prior notice.


Promotion ends on 31 Dec 2023.

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